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Crypto Trading Fees
Comparison for Exchange Fees

How to save trading fees with dr-fee

What is the problem
Manually comparing crypto trading fees is painful
The highly complex fee structures among different crypto exchangesmakes it difficult to compare
Comparing Crypto Trading Fees
Fees among exchanges differ greatly
You may only pay a fraction of your current fees at other exchanges
Comparing Crypto Trading Fees
Problem Image

Our Solution & approach

Our fee analysis engine makes fee comparison fast & easy

Just connect your read-only crypto exchange API. We find your fee saving potential by simulating your fees for the same trades at other exchanges.
Crypto Exchanges Fee Comparison
Fee Analysis Engine
Crypto Exchange Fee Comparison
Yes, dr-fee is using the APIs provided by the exchanges to read your trading account history as input for the analysis. Make sure that you provide a read-only API to dr-fee, hence no form of transactions could even be executed through the API. There are detailed explanation videos available to safely create the read-only API connection.

In order to further reduce any type of risks, you may want to delete the API after using it at dr-fee. We currently do not offer any designated IP address to limit the API usage. In case you do not want to connect your trading account to dr-fee, you are still able use the full power of the fee analysis engine by using the function to manually input the trading information.
Yes, it is completely free to use the fee analysis engine by dr-fee.
At dr-fee, we collect the requirements for different tiers at exchanges and the associated fees. We analyse your trading (such as trading volume, balance), match you in the respective tiers of different exchanges and simulate and extrapolate the fees you would have paid for your trades at the other exchanges based on your trading in the last 30days. Moreover, we may apply additional saving potentials we can offer if signing up through the presented link.

We believe this automated and personalized fee comparison is extremely powerful because there may be hundreds of combinations of requirements and associated fees for a single exchange, making a manual comparison very complex.
Yes, you can certainly benefit from using the fee analysis engine! We got you covered through the function to manually input the trading information and not connect your existing account through the API. Just fill in the information with your expected data (e.g. how much trading volume do you anticipate) and find out which exchange will offer you the lowest fees.
We strive to deliver results as close to reality as possible and have taken many measures to deliver as accurate as possible results. Nevertheless, we face certain limitations, such as assumptions on your future trading volume, products and order types used, etc. (note: we use your last 30days of trading behavior to extrapolate in order to ensure we cover your most recent trading behavior), temporary promotions by exchanges which cannot fully be covered, sudden changes in tiers or fees charged by exchanges. Please note, we cannot be held liable for the results presented in any way.

In our analysis, we cover the most important cryptocurrencies and base currencies (70+) to analyse your volume, balance, fees, etc., however trading in certain cryptocurrencies or base currencies may not be recognized.
We strive to enable users to reduce their trading fees and want to offer this service for free to all users. Links presented on dr-fee may be affiliate links. When a new account is created through those links, we may receive a commission from the exchanges. This comes at no cost for you and often times even entitles you for additional benefits by the broker. Moreover, you support us and allow us to continue build, improve and offer the dr-fee services for free.
In case you encounter an issue with the fee analysis result, e.g. due to a large share of trades in cryptocurrencies not covered by dr-fee or because you do not want to hold any native exchange coins to gain a new tier, you can refer to our manual approach to input your trading information instead of an automated retrieval through the API. Through this approach, you can specify the information input to the fee analysis engine by yourself.

For other issues or errors, please reach out to us and we will support you as soon as possible.
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