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0 Fees for BTC Trading

Celebratings its 5th birthday, Binance offers a great promotion by introducing a zero fee for all its 13 BTC spot trading pairs (both maker & taker) during the promotion period.

Until further notice


Swapping major stablecoins is now free at MEXC, with BUSD, USDC, TUSD, and USDP pairs with USDT enjoying zero swap fees.
Use code “1SV2Q” for an additional 10% kickback on all fees

Valid until 31-Dec-2022

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0 Fees for Spot Trading

Spot trading at ByBit is now free, as you will not be charged any maker or taker fees during the promotion period. There is includes all trading pairs available at ByBit

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No fees for Spot & Contract Trading

Amongst others, Spot maker & taker trading fees for BTC/USDT & USD, BTC, ETH quote currency pairs as well as USD-M & BTC-M perpetuals have been removed by to give back to the community

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No fees for Spot & Contract Trading

Enjoy our exclusive 25% dr-fee discount on spot & futures fees. Enjoy the discount as long you trade at Follow links to be eligible.

Until further notice

* Promotions are held up-to-date based on best effort, however it cannot be guaranteed that all promotions listed here are still valid when viewing the list.
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