dr-fee.com is brought to you by Hoc-Trade Technology Co.,Ltd , as part of our offering of behavioral trading analytics. We believe trading fees are, although oftentimes underestimated, one of the major levers to trading performance. Therefore, as part of our mission to support traders on their path towards profitable trading, we decided to built dr-fee.com as an easy and intuitive tool to identify fee saving potentials.


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Who is hoc-trade?
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We are a team of young people coming from the industries of finance, data science, and information technology. Despite our different backgrounds, we share one interest: Trading! Walking down the path as lonely traders, we found ourselves lost in countless investment analysis theories, economic news, etc..

We suffered from anxiety and emotional frustration as traders, and made every mistake a rookie could possibly make. Throughout this path, we developed tools for ourselves to improve our trading, but we had to search many places to do so or even develop it completely by ourselves. We were craving for a one-stop platform, which is easy to comprehend for beginners, but also powerful for professional traders. We did not find it, so we built it – hoc-trade! And we are continuously trying to make it better, everyday.
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